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The Grantchester Series

The Grantchester Series

Autumn 2014 sees the start of a new ITV series based in and around Grantchester, and named after the village itself.

Starring Robson Green and James Norton, the series is based on the James Runcie novels known as The Grantchester Mysteries, with the filming taking place in the village itself (with additional shooting in London and Cambridge). The drama is set in 1953 and based around the life of charismatic clergyman turned investigator Sidney Chambers, who takes it upon himself to investigate the suspicious death of one of his parishioners.

Chambers is a deeply moral man troubled by nightmares of a past in the Scot’s Guards, but still a charming man with a sense of fun – as played in the series by James Norton.

As we know, every smart investigator needs a partner in crime (solving), and Robson Green stars as put-upon and overworked police inspector Geordie Keating. Between Keating’s abrupt questioning style and Chambers’ more sympathetic nature, it makes for a sparky combination of characters, and an effective pair of interrogators when talking to suspects and witnesses.

Additional actors in the series will include Morven Christie as Amanda Kendall, Pheline Rogan as Hildegard Staunton, and Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs Maguire.


The Grantchester Mysteries

The series of books on which the ITV drama is based, The Grantchester Mysteries, saw the characters debut in ‘Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death’ – a critically acclaimed opening for a series which now includes a second novel – ‘Sidney Chambers and the Peril of the Night’. The third novel is due for publication next year.

Perfectly structured for adaptation to the screen, each volume contains six inter-connected stories which feature Sidney Chambers in his hunt for a killer.




The Grantchester Mysteries