ITV Drama Series Grantchester returns to Cambridge

ITV’s hit drama Grantchester has returned to the Cambridge village, sparking excitement among fans, tourists and locals.¬†Grantchester’s return to the screen was confirmed late last year, but fans were disappointed to learn that James Norton would leave his role as the crime-fighting vicar after this series. The film crew arrived early last Friday (June 29) to cover the vicarage in wisteria, before setting up lights around the church. It wasn’t long before word spread, prompting people to travel from far and wide to catch an early glimpse of Norton’s final performances in the iconic church.

We’ve been keeping up with the developments on set. Scroll down to see how the drama unfolds…

Day one of set-up and vans arrive full of wisteria.


The scaffolding goes up and the wisteria’s unpacked.


Voilà! The vicarage, newly adorned with wisteria.


Spotlights are erected outside of Grantchester Church.


Lights, Camera, Action!



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