Grantchester Meadows

A stunning part of the walk along the River Cam, Grantchester Meadows is an outstanding area of natural beauty. A regular haunt of bird watchers and nature lovers, it’s hard to believe it sits so close to a city the size of Cambridge.

The area is not only popular with dog walkers, but with writers, poets and creative which have utilised its unique environment as the inspiration for their work. Not only does it feature in the poetry of Rupert Brooke (and serve as part of the setting for The Grantchester Mysteries novels), the Meadows also share a name with track two from experimental Pink Floyd album ‘Ummagumma’ – a track written by Roger Waters after a visit to the village.

Nestled in the corner of the Meadows is the Orchard Tea Rooms and the area is also used as part of the Cambridge Film Festival – for film screenings under the banner ‘Movies on Grantchester Meadows’.



Cambridge Film Festival

Grantchester Meadows

The Orchard Tea Rooms