Rupert Brooke Opens Today

The Rupert Brooke pub in Grantchester has officially opened today, and it’s safe to say it looks amazing! Earlier in the year it was acquired by Chestnut Inns and has been completely revitalised looking beautifully elegant. With locally sourced food, it takes place in the heart of the village, and is definitely the new go to place. Stylish interiors and even a roof seating area, it takes a modern take on your tradition countryside pub, which adds to it’s uniqueness, that’s not to mention the views that overlook the Grantchester Meadows.

Let us know what you think to it!

The Rupert Brooke

The Rupert Brooke

ITV’s Grantchester A Massive Hit After First Show

The brand new six-part drama from ITV, Grantchester, hit our screens yesterday and was a massive hit across the UK. UK TV Ratings announced that on it’s first evening on air the show was seen by an astounding 5.77 million Brits, far overtaking viewing figures for the BBC’s, New Tricks.

The new show wonderfully frames the beautiful Cambridge village of Grantchester, showcasing the picturesque setting in style. Local residents of the village can be spotted throughout the series as extras in the period drama, as can a number of stunning Grantchester landmarks.

The first episode was just enough to get viewers hooked, after a slow journey into the depths of the storyline we are setting for a gripping few week following the characters as the period murder mystery unravels.

Today there have been endless reviews raving about the show.  Check out some of our favourites.

We just love what the Cambridge News had to say about the show and totally agree, despite the stunning performance from James Norton  the real star of the of ITV show is Grantchester (maybe we’re a little biased). Catch the Cambridge News article here:

The Telegraph had some delightfully kind words to say about the wining new show too. Check it out here